Founders Jason and Tina developed their sense of design, one adventure at a time. Traversing back alley brass shops in Jaipur, textile shopping in Marrakech and studying batik production in Bali are just a few of the things this couple does to feel alive.  

As professional Interior Designers in the Southern California area they have had the opportunity to work with amazing clients with unique palettes. They feel  that a space should impact the senses by invoking emotion through the use of hue, texture, lighting and layout. They consider themselves artists and continually try to push the limits of the norm by bringing inventive ideas to life as well as designing with an eclectic edge.

Jason and Tina have a passion for immersing themselves into cultures that challenge their perspectives and help them grow.  Living abroad and traveling over the years, they turned a purchasing hobby into a successful business and now take great pride in the ability to source interesting and beautiful pieces for others.