Udaipur: "The Venice of India"

When I first read that the city of Udaipur was known as the Venice of India I thought that it must be a beatific place to spend some time. Our time there was nothing less than spectacular. It is no wonder it has been the location of films both western and Bollywood accented by magnificent and opulent palaces perched both on the hillsides along with stationary positions in Lake Pichola. The sounds of the city during sunset created a sureal and ethereal state of mind just in time to be entranced by giant bats making there way home for the night. Just strolling the ups and downs of the streets we were encaust by the beginnings of a weekend long festival and left saturated by local dyes of crimson.
In the City Palace of Udaipur, my eyes have seen things never before seen. Not in film or Web possibly in a dream.

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