TOURING SOUTH EAST ASIA: Vietnam to Cambodia

The Vietnamese are lovely people that seem very far removed from the sickle and hammer. We found the streets to be filled with interesting finds including a nerve on end. We are back in the groove of our wanderlust. Vitality is pumping of living life in the moment and going yet a bit further into the unfamiliar. Saigon is truly the city of mopeds. There is no security in crossing a street but only courage to fixate on the other side and cross without hesitation. To stall is to cause havoc and faith in others abilities is greatly relied upon.   1899021_10152009532414821_1582065952_n The land of motorbikes and power lines. 1624237_10152011601214821_253768022_n 61308_10152009536354821_1463423323_n 1082030_10152011598614821_1953464606_n 1624381_10152012229014821_1849430058_n 1016334_10152012525849821_768244885_n Saigon Zoo: entrance fee $0.50 USD Most zoo goers stay the entire day relaxing under trees and meeting up with friends and family. Bringing a blanket to sit on along with food and drinks is a must. 1779425_10152012236839821_1626876070_n Today we cross into Cambodia where we will rest for the night in Phnom Penh. Tomorrow we will continue on to Sihanoukville where we hope to reset, going great lengths to not go great lengths. Just enjoy being together...distractionless 1798496_10152013907769821_2044214483_n 1891879_10152028357714821_434459782_o 1898923_10152028375224821_1159833605_n 1927064_10152028375994821_1661710111_n after crossing the border, we always stop for local food and drinks.

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