The Beaches of Goa

Backpacking is a parallel universe than runs just sub derma to the everyday bustle of everyday folk of all nations occupants. This thought passed before my minds eye whilst Tina and I viewed the main Bazaar in the Old City of Delhi.
We elected to fly to the beaches of Goa due to its low rate and opportunity cost of time. We sped up to get there then slowed to a near halt upon arrival. Our first destination took us north of Panjim in the small area of Anjuna. Quaint and picturesque we soaked up the palm stacked senses with every breath. We felt uncomfortable in a few situations here so after spending time soaking up the river water that was forcibly cascaded upon us in the inner jungle by an elephant, we moved south about 2 house to a more populated beach of Palolem. This entire region was under Portuguese control so Hindu and Muslim temples are replaced by amazing little churches tucked away in the foliage. It is still the off season in in Goa so many of the shops have yet to be built but what was there was magnificent. By that I mean utterly battered from the monsoons and makeshift buildings, however representing more of a purity to the landscape. We had lost the will to carry on to Kerla to stay around Patnem and Palolem to unwind from our travels. Many days of rain intermingled with sunshine made our stay peaceful and relaxing. That is exempt for the monstrous rodent who kept us on ceiling nightwatch through one evening.

Goa offered many mini adventures but when our time came to leave, it wasn't too slow. Making our way back to Delhi we recapped on many of the unusual circumstances we found ourselves in on a daily basis. Tina and I shared banter about the seemingly double personality that backpacking offers. It will always remain surreal to look back over the experiences in foreign lands and understand the growth that happens in one's life and marriage whilst, on the road.

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