Now aboard the overnight sleeper train to Surat Thani and of course sleepiness evades me. My thoughts wander to strange places. Why does Ben Taylor burn bridges when his father felt so strongly about fire and rain? Bangkok has been a refreshment to water down the muddiness of south East Asia. We took pleasure in the traversing of subways and sky trains to endless markets and malls. Our hostel was more like a home to be remembered with fondness and a hope of return. I could continue on about Bangkok but just remember that it is all good things, etcetera...etcetera! 1800818_10152054170639821_1481585463_n 1961408_10152042583034821_506877663_n 1957539_10152042583839821_2051979860_n As our bodies sat still, our plans kept moving forward adding a stop in Singapore to see my oldest friend and child therapist, Slow Hand. He taught me that it is ok to have been self-destructive at a time in your life, just don't wallow in it forever because people still want to hear you play. Bali was an addition for no less than the greatest surf of my life. One can have dreams. After Singapore we will back track Malaysia from the underbelly and work our way north. The Mighty Bean is in good spirits which brings me joy to my heart to see her smile. We have met so many lovely people on this journey that personal growth is impossible to deny. One of my favorite new found friends from Switzerland came about when we unilaterally shut down a Cambodian moke who was trying to shove his way to the border agent with his belief that others in line were less anxious to get out of Cambodia and into Thailand. He and his wife have covered the world on two wheels which is an extraordinary feat. There were the Kiwis on the Island, the Brits on the boat, and the Germans on the train. The Aussies and the Canadians...well there everywhere. This is what it is all about. Relationships encased in the impressions we leave. Imparted to the ones we give away. I should ponder this thought when the sun smiles it's first. Peaking it’s lashes across the surface of my horizon. Asking what impression did I leave? Who was I today?

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