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The Beaches of Goa

Backpacking is a parallel universe than runs just sub derma to the everyday bustle of everyday folk of all nations occupants. This thought passed before my minds eye whilst Tina and I viewed the main Bazaar in the Old City of Delhi. We elected to fly to the beaches of Goa due to its low rate and opportunity cost of time. We sped up to get there then slowed to a near halt upon arrival. Our first destination took us north of Panjim in the small area of Anjuna. Quaint and picturesque we soaked up the palm stacked senses with every breath. We felt uncomfortable in a few situations here so after spending time soaking up the river water that...

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Mumbai aka Bombay aka Bollywood

We opted for a flight to Mumbai and Tina had made arrangements for us to stay at a boutique hotel near the famous Gateway to India. The drive took no less than an hour and along the way my mouth stood agape. I've seen many shanty towns that I can recall to memory like the tin villages throughout CasaBlanca Morocco but the slums of Bombay were something of difference. The level of abject poverty and filth sent my heart to sadness. The mass of areas encompassed by these conditions had me speechless. We have become so glutenous in my country that even the wealthiest and powerful among us cry fowl! I understand that contextually by not knowing any different it...

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Udaipur: "The Venice of India"

When I first read that the city of Udaipur was known as the Venice of India I thought that it must be a beatific place to spend some time. Our time there was nothing less than spectacular. It is no wonder it has been the location of films both western and Bollywood accented by magnificent and opulent palaces perched both on the hillsides along with stationary positions in Lake Pichola. The sounds of the city during sunset created a sureal and ethereal state of mind just in time to be entranced by giant bats making there way home for the night. Just strolling the ups and downs of the streets we were encaust by the beginnings of a weekend long...

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Jaipur and Onward to Udaipur

Getting up at four in the morning is never easy. Add to the hazy state of mind a crowded train station with people sleeping in groups in every direction. We have found that the train system in new countries is never as straightforward as we anticipate. We were told by several people that there is a separate window for foreigners which was not the case. In fact when we did find the window 10 at the opposite end of the station from where we were dropped off. It only had the letter 10 hand written about the size of a quarter on the window behind a multitude of locals shoving to get a place at the front. Our time in...

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Agra to Jaipur

Two days in and the whirlwind has us in circles. Our time in Delhi was halted due to a Muslim Holiday in the old city where our rented room was to be. We set our eyes on Agra yesterday evening and began our day with a walk through one of the world's most recognizable monuments, the Taj Mahal. The streets of Agra are some of the busiest and dare I say, economically challenged of any we've seen in Asia. To enter the grounds of the Taj is an oasis of respite and as one peers through the west gate they are met with the majesty of the marble encased tomb. There have been few things in my life that make...

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