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CAMBODIA: The Coast to Angkor Wat

Seven hours beneath a palapa is an easy thing to endure with a brilliantly written novel and the whisper of a calming breeze. We've charted the overnight bus to Siem Reap and our time in Sihanook has been both sweetened with an atmosphere known only to me in expectations and also speckled with the bitterness of illness. It is a burden to bare for most South East Asian travelers and hopefully the worst is past. We are well enough to travel today which was not the case when we set out to stay on the island of Koh To Kiev for two nights. We eeked out a night in the mosquito treehouse and lack of running water. It is an...

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TOURING SOUTH EAST ASIA: Vietnam to Cambodia

The Vietnamese are lovely people that seem very far removed from the sickle and hammer. We found the streets to be filled with interesting finds including a nerve on end. We are back in the groove of our wanderlust. Vitality is pumping of living life in the moment and going yet a bit further into the unfamiliar. Saigon is truly the city of mopeds. There is no security in crossing a street but only courage to fixate on the other side and cross without hesitation. To stall is to cause havoc and faith in others abilities is greatly relied upon.   The land of motorbikes and power lines. Saigon Zoo: entrance fee $0.50 USD Most zoo goers stay the entire...

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Northminster Presbyterian Church Remodel

After weeks of diligent work we presented our new design last night for the Tenant Improvement at Northminster Church in Clairemont. There were over twenty people in attendance and interesting  Q & A period during and following the presentation. The presentation was set to take approximately twenty minute, however due to the number of attendees there was a great dialogue that took place which led the overall presentation to fall closer to an hour in length. The Clients at the church have been so delightful to work with up to this point and are very excited about the ideas and changes that were presented. I couldn’t have asked for better feedback that we received last night. We teamed up with...

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Strolling along in the up and coming design district just on the North side of little Italy we discovered and quant shop that specializes in items from Mexico. The local San Diego charm is rolled into one shop as you see vibrant color palettes with subtle Dia de los Muertos accents. This is the blend of a father and daughter, inspired by their heritage and love of design. The father, Andres finds pieces from different regions in Mexico while Elexia, his daughter, runs the shop.  If your ever in Little Italy or the harbor and want a taste of local flare then don’t hesitate to stop in to the shop.  

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