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Ahhh Bali. There really is not much more that needs to be said but I shall conjure words that will most assuredly ineffectively give a representation to nothing that is equal to the actual experience of such a place. The emotion that met us on the island was familiarity with the surf culture and one that we had been missing from the other countries. We plopped ourselves down in a shotty little hostel in north Kuta that provided none of the conditions advertised on the booking. We thought we were going to be closer to Legian as well but it worked out fine as we ventured to move to another hotel the next morning. The mosquitoes and filth were just...

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SINGAPORE: A Diamond to be Discovered

We arrived in Singapore and immediately knew we were in an exciting new land. We set ourselves up on a commuter bus to our hotel called the Peranakan. This is a term, also called  Baba-Nyonya, is  used for Chinese immigrants from the 15-17th century  that had planted there roots in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore and assimilated to the cultures and communities of their new homes. Watching the shops roll by along the roadside we see a deeply British influence on the buildings and row houses lined the walkways. Exploring the city was a design junkies dream and rubber necks were necessary to catch it all. It was hard to find a five minute stint where either Tina or myself were...

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AWAY WE GO: Malaysia

I now understand why people would just shrug their shoulders when I asked them about what it was like in Malaysia. Up until Langkawi I would have suggested against this country but there were great times to be had here. The landscape is filled with beautiful jungle and appears to be cleaner than the rural areas found in the neighboring nations. The cities however lack any sort of reasonable pedestrian system and the sidewalks give way to the sewage running beneath your feet. Melaka could be removed from the map of my mind entirely as well as Georgetown Panang with the acceptance of areas north of Chinatown. Malacca: Panang Hill: Monkey Beach: Langkawi is a place to relax and slow...

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Now aboard the overnight sleeper train to Surat Thani and of course sleepiness evades me. My thoughts wander to strange places. Why does Ben Taylor burn bridges when his father felt so strongly about fire and rain? Bangkok has been a refreshment to water down the muddiness of south East Asia. We took pleasure in the traversing of subways and sky trains to endless markets and malls. Our hostel was more like a home to be remembered with fondness and a hope of return. I could continue on about Bangkok but just remember that it is all good things, etcetera...etcetera! As our bodies sat still, our plans kept moving forward adding a stop in Singapore to see my oldest friend...

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We are back on the road after the car we hired to get to the Thai border nearly went up in smoke. So we parted with our friend Ti and are now en route to Poipet. There is apprehension as we must cross by foot and seek out transportation on the other side to get to Bangkok. There are positive expectations to be entering a more developed country. Cambodia held discoveries that were both positive and ...primitive. How can this world exist so different from my own? Do they want for nothing having never known or do they carry the same desires I do for more than the status quo? Do I carry an American trait nonexistent on this side?...

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