Northminster Presbyterian Church Remodel

After weeks of diligent work we presented our new design last night for the Tenant Improvement at Northminster Church in Clairemont. There were over twenty people in attendance and interesting  Q & A period during and following the presentation. The presentation was set to take approximately twenty minute, however due to the number of attendees there was a great dialogue that took place which led the overall presentation to fall closer to an hour in length. 2 FLOOR PLAN BOARD FLAT 3 SANCTUARY BOARD The Clients at the church have been so delightful to work with up to this point and are very excited about the ideas and changes that were presented. I couldn’t have asked for better feedback that we received last night. We teamed up with a fellow designer whom we respect and admire named Shannon O’Donnell and our joined collaboration was synergistically positive the entire process. We did many more perspective renderings for this presentation than we normally would due to the enormously large scale of the grounds and scope of work involved. It ended up being five large boards overall with significantly large renderings for the highest visual impact. 4 OFFICE BOARD When presenting to clients it is very important that they understand what they are looking out and how it works together with the overall concept of the design. This concept was transformation and due to the church having significant architectural significance from the late 60’s by a well know architect we wanted to stay true to its history  but also making it relevant , current and a bit edgy for today’s time. We set out and accomplished a concept that gives life and light to a church that has seen better days and seems to have fallen into shadows for some time. The problematic areas were addressed with the insight from the Pastor and Elders to come up with a truly Transformational Church Design. 5 YOUTH ROOM BOARD

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