Mumbai aka Bombay aka Bollywood

We opted for a flight to Mumbai and Tina had made arrangements for us to stay at a boutique hotel near the famous Gateway to India. The drive took no less than an hour and along the way my mouth stood agape. I've seen many shanty towns that I can recall to memory like the tin villages throughout CasaBlanca Morocco but the slums of Bombay were something of difference. The level of abject poverty and filth sent my heart to sadness. The mass of areas encompassed by these conditions had me speechless. We have become so glutenous in my country that even the wealthiest and powerful among us cry fowl! I understand that contextually by not knowing any different it was not to the locals as I was seeing it but I must make note of the impression it made to my life and the immense grace I have been given for my lot.
The hotel was an eclectic designers paradise that took us to not only another time but places as well. We reasoned together that the design was vintage, urban with a hint of tropical and modern. An anomaly I know. On our walk through the city I was in a nose to nose confrontation with yet another street vending swindler looking to line his pockets with my naivety. This is more common in India than in any other country I have ever visited...Ten Fold. This time it was enough and even though the loss would have set me back only a couple of dollars, it was more than that at stake for me and I made him know it. I took back what was mine and shall continue feeling redeemed. We carry on to the beaches of Goa assuredly accompanied by adventure and the unexpected event.

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