Jaipur and Onward to Udaipur

Getting up at four in the morning is never easy. Add to the hazy state of mind a crowded train station with people sleeping in groups in every direction. We have found that the train system in new countries is never as straightforward as we anticipate. We were told by several people that there is a separate window for foreigners which was not the case. In fact when we did find the window 10 at the opposite end of the station from where we were dropped off. It only had the letter 10 hand written about the size of a quarter on the window behind a multitude of locals shoving to get a place at the front. Our time in Jaipur was one of relief. We made new friends that we are sure to see again in the future and saw some of the most breathtaking forts and monuments, as well as making contacts in the textile manufacturing industry. We found a little heaven in the city called Shahar Palace and on our next visit we will surely stay here again. India is an interesting place where it seems as westerners that every dealing with the local population is a Svengali, resulting in later discussion to clarify the transaction. It was refreshing to find people in the city that we could trust.

Aboard the 7 hr train to Udaipur we have met some new faces and enjoyed conversing with fellow travelers. Waiting with positive expectation of walking the "Venice of India".

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