We are back on the road after the car we hired to get to the Thai border nearly went up in smoke. So we parted with our friend Ti and are now en route to Poipet. There is apprehension as we must cross by foot and seek out transportation on the other side to get to Bangkok. There are positive expectations to be entering a more developed country. Cambodia held discoveries that were both positive and ...primitive. How can this world exist so different from my own? Do they want for nothing having never known or do they carry the same desires I do for more than the status quo? Do I carry an American trait nonexistent on this side? I suppose there is a shift in thinking by changing the parameters. For instance, currently my greatest desire is to not have a head on collision with a moped carrying a grown man and four swine mounted to the back. Im a bacon fan and all but...yeah.


Viewing the countryside drift by with Ray LaMontagnes, Trouble penetrating my ears I realize It takes a tinge of grit to pass through this way and in this fashion. The web can be an enemy of the mind as research on the capabilities of one of Gods most vile creatures in the mosquito take hold. The times I am able to wake in the Word have been sweet however, and clarity ensues every time. I find myself often enough slipping into meditative prayer toward these people and there lot.



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