CAMBODIA: The Coast to Angkor Wat

Seven hours beneath a palapa is an easy thing to endure with a brilliantly written novel and the whisper of a calming breeze. We've charted the overnight bus to Siem Reap and our time in Sihanook has been both sweetened with an atmosphere known only to me in expectations and also speckled with the bitterness of illness. It is a burden to bare for most South East Asian travelers and hopefully the worst is past. We are well enough to travel today which was not the case when we set out to stay on the island of Koh To Kiev for two nights. We eeked out a night in the mosquito treehouse and lack of running water. It is an island of lost ambitions blown away in puffs of smoke where we knew quickly it was not the play we were suppose to star in. There was however good reef to be enjoyed and we rallied for a jungle hike to a secluded beach in which we washed away our troubles of the day. There were also friendships made with couples from New Zealand and England and for that alone it was worth the time. Cambodian beaches are a blush on the face of the globe adding back subtle beauty when so many places are overrun with expense.





Now we forge ahead to Ankor Wat, to view the ability of generations past and what becomes of mans achievements long after we are gone. Angkor Wat though stunning to the eye seemed very indicative of the world the Khmer has created and it crumbles around them. The walls of a once fortified city lay in ruin like so many lives of those who chose to reject the foundational cornerstone of all of creation.







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