AWAY WE GO: Malaysia

I now understand why people would just shrug their shoulders when I asked them about what it was like in Malaysia. Up until Langkawi I would have suggested against this country but there were great times to be had here. The landscape is filled with beautiful jungle and appears to be cleaner than the rural areas found in the neighboring nations. The cities however lack any sort of reasonable pedestrian system and the sidewalks give way to the sewage running beneath your feet. Melaka could be removed from the map of my mind entirely as well as Georgetown Panang with the acceptance of areas north of Chinatown. Malacca: 1902791_10152070134284821_1377011586_n 1920247_10152070134274821_2025776033_n 1902791_10152070134254821_185970310_n Panang Hill: 1979644_10152076654054821_1762505418_n 1898115_10152076654219821_581539265_n 1796565_10152076656534821_1805055046_n 1908231_10152076656539821_1941756818_n Monkey Beach: 1897906_10152079953764821_2031361381_n 10001355_10152079953774821_1714366042_n 998108_10152079925199821_188836116_n 1527054_10152079924954821_1781838842_n
Langkawi is a place to relax and slow down the pace while KL thrusts you back into the rush speckled with views of the spectacular. We have seen things here that are more remarkable then we could have imagined but Malaysia is a hard place to go after an diverse epicenter like Singapore. Malaysia has also cured any interest I had in visiting India. Langkawi: 1544349_10152083519859821_977718211_n 1544349_10152083519864821_674066579_n 1234780_10152083519844821_1967894141_n 1897956_10152083521809821_1920535512_n 1897956_10152083521819821_1664171608_n 1798167_10152083521829821_427891083_n Batu Caves: 971981_10152091402134821_2059499604_n 1794826_10152091398629821_1727594627_n 1618414_10152091395464821_104551403_n 1890985_10152091470099821_1365551595_n 10013957_10152091470224821_1519208964_n 1978850_10152091470074821_2021740763_n Tina and I have communicated in new ways that have added more depth to our relationship. Depth and understanding of the needs of one another. It's a good thing to bring to the table what you desire in the other person and clearly whole hearted, daily attempt to be the person they want you to be. I notched up a few hero points when an aggressive monkey at the Batu Caves wanted to show Tina his molars. Now I'm no muskateer but I am able to handle an umbrella. 1975249_10152079953759821_1359198081_n Yesterday I saw two men in their whities taking advantage of the rain by washing their clothes in a drainage ditch. This is a humbling sight to me and a reminder for my thankfulness to be never ending in my circumstances. Whatever they may be. For even in the bad they lead to perseverance and perseverance gives birth to Character

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