No one ever knows why we truly like certain things we see. Perhaps it may be the colors we are drawn to or the delicateness of a particular structure or the sheer loud voice an object can speak as we gaze upon it. Whatever it may be, there is some element which draws us in.  Intrigue is one of the greatest temptresses that keep us longing for more. We all know that feeling of exhilaration when we see “IT”, the vision of perfection pass before our eyes. It exudes confidence, without being overbearing. With every breathe we imagine ourselves being the possessor of such beauty. Then without notice, it vanishes………………….. but, not before it leaves its imprint imbedded into our minds. We go days with wondering how we too can echo this image and allow others to experience the same kind of allure we felt. The more one researches fashion and design in chorus, the more one notices there is a relevant benchmark between the current trends. By keeping a close eye on movements in fashion, ideas are birthed and translated into palpable interior elements. As we wrap our minds around such a distinctive vision, we then start to realize what origins of creativity were used to generate such a captivating appearance. Principles are shadowed in the creative process that lean themselves to the overall structure of our palettes pleasure. We then take these elements and apply them to our canvas in anticipation of pouring out an assemblage of tasteful intrigue, distinguishing what is sweet to the soul, that which beckons us and calls us home. autumn drift 1 1.) Object of Intrigue photo: theberry.com   2.)Counter stool: Arteriorshome.com            3.)Glass Pendant: Rejuvenation.com 4.) Copper Pendant: Rejuvenation.com 5.) Sideboard: Livingspaces.com   6.Fabric:Harlequin.com 7.) Glasshouse: Curreycodealers.com   8.) Koi fish wallpaper: Harlequin.com 9.) Assorted Pillows: Harlequin.com 10.) Flowers: Tumblr.com

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