Agra to Jaipur

Two days in and the whirlwind has us in circles. Our time in Delhi was halted due to a Muslim Holiday in the old city where our rented room was to be. We set our eyes on Agra yesterday evening and began our day with a walk through one of the world's most recognizable monuments, the Taj Mahal.

The streets of Agra are some of the busiest and dare I say, economically challenged of any we've seen in Asia. To enter the grounds of the Taj is an oasis of respite and as one peers through the west gate they are met with the majesty of the marble encased tomb. There have been few things in my life that make me take pause and evoke a swelling within my chest and my eyes first glimpse was the latest. Trekking the grounds and through the tomb we were awed but feelings of disappointment were still lingering from dealings with the locals that it poisoned the experience a bit. The only thing I will divulge at this time is the level of seediness appears to have the ability to sprout thorn bushes as far as the eye can see. We talked it out and moved on. A six hour ride lands us next in Jaipur, where our hopes are for markets and colored forts galore. With some self induced fortitude and the help of a retired Indian Navy Colonel the ways of Delhi folk are behind us and we settle in to our colonial marble clad abode and enjoy the peacocks meandering by in the heart of the city.

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